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 Children's Powers

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PostSubject: Children's Powers   Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:23 pm

Children's Power

Raina - has an odd ability to temporarily darken a room. Basically, she blinds those around her for 30-45 seconds as a child and progresses to as long as 5 minutes as she gets older and learns to control it. There is no side affect to her power, since it is basically all illusionary.

Yuki- Can change into a tiger like his father, even though he is fully human. Once he's turned into a vampire, Yuki will be a Master of Dreams. He’ll be able to enter ones mind in their dreams and day dreams. He can manipulate the dreams and he can communicate with the dreamer but even though he can alter the dreams, he CANNOT KILL but he can cause minor injuries, such as bruising or small lacerations, meaning, surface wounds.

Shiki- can walk through any solid object, including people. This takes a certain level of concentration, so distracting him while he's walking through you might prove...awkward.

Anton - Extremely simple memory manipulation tricks. He can do the difficult ones, but they tend to be painful. Mostly, he's figured out how to change small details in memories, like times and things that were said. Oddly, his parents and brother seem to have figured out how to avoid him using it on them

Niko - has the strange ability to make his chest puff out slightly, giving the illusion that he has breasts but he is strictly male. Aside from that, Niko has the ability to temporarily erase the pain of a broken heart by simply kissing a person. With that, he makes it a little easier for a person to move on and find a happier path. The downside, when he does this, Niko becomes overly "hormonal" for a few days, which drives his parents insane, so he's VERY careful when and how he uses it.

Ami - can cause temporary impotence in men for as long as she wants; the inability to attain or sustain an erection for the performance of a sexual act.

Akuma - is a Mimic. He can completely shadow/recreate someone's movements, down to the smallest twitch, for however long he chooses. Only works with The Living and can easily be thrown off by Vampires, Angels, and Demons if they sense him. >> For example, if he watches someone do something, like perform a dance, long enough, he can Mimic the entire thing flawlessly. <<

Dimitri - Along with the basic vampire and neko powers, Dimitri has the ability to shape shift into various animal forms mainly only ones that are related to the dog or cat race. IE: panther, tiger, wolf, fox etc.

Cain - has the ability to become invisible. He can stay that way for up to six hours without any permanent damage to himself. It's not 100% effective seeing as how vampires can still smell him but it works wonders on humans.

Hina - controls electricity and lightning (manipulate, summon, etc)

Miki - power of nature...can control any aspect of nature so long as hes on land and as long as it's nearby

Shion - has the ability to make her skin become diamond hard. Mostly a defense mechanism, it helps in warding off attacks from other Vampires for the most part, but she has been known to use it when she clobbers a brother or two.

Faye - Once she's turned, her power will give her butterfly wings; nothing else special like that.

Utani - As well as having the ability to become a Naga like her mother, Utani has the power of mimicry or absorption; the ability to copy or absorb another's powers or skills.

Saya - power over ice (think of Haku from Naruto)

Phoenix - Energy Blasts

Hayden - He's an angel so he has healing powers as well as his magic but his magic takes a toll on his body so he can only do small amounts at a time. He can also fly.

Cadence - Astral Projection

Bane-  is an Incubus; a demon in male form who will seduce anyone, mainly women, in order to have sex with them. The female counterpart is the succubus. An incubus may pursue sexual relations with a woman or man in order to father a child.

Yuriel - has the ability to grow large black wings.

Vivian - Flying, healing, and other angelic stuff

Kraven - Demonic powers, very few Angelic powers. Can always see people's auras, making it hard to lie to him. Flight and is much stronger than he looks.

Gwen- Ice/water manipulation: the ability to to control, generate, and absorb ice and water.

Zaria - As well as having the ability to become a Naga like her parents, Zaria has the ability to do magic and spells.

Zenin - able to turn into a naga, has the three basic vampire skills as well as able to manipulate the world around him up to 100 yards

Rune - able to manipulate and/or control blood

Alyss - is a Witch. She has the same abilities as Lexi, but very few of the same restraints. She also has prolonged life because of it, and will age much slower than others in her age group.

Quinn - is an angel with special talent in the magical area. He's far more advanced then the average angel is and he learns how to fight unlike the other angels.

Lucas- Flight, Demonic powers (low level only)

Eva - She's a fairy but not the miniature size. She does have to transform into her fairy self in order for her wings to be visible and for her to be able to use her earthen powers.

Warren - can make pockets in reality. As an example of what that means; he can make an entire castle under someone's floorboard, and populate it with people. This world is real, but made from the spirit world. As such, there can be a time-dilation. This time dilation, on average is: 1 day on Earth = 7 Years in the Realm. These realms are usually just homes, and forests, and are not whole worlds. It usually takes about three to five kitsunes to make a whole realm and populate it.

Calin- He's a neko & a vampire. So he has a keen sense of smell, can see great at night, great hearing and has a slight ability to sense others emotions. His special power is sped up regeneration. If he gets seriously injured, he can quickly heal himself so there's no serious damage.

Ishmael- has the power to control ice in any shape or form. He can even go as far as to freeze the water inside any living thing to kill them if needed.

Usagi- She is a nature spirit. She has the ability to manipulate nature around her but doesn't really have a knack for it beyond making pretty flowers into shields.

Tsuki- can use Power Augmentation; The ability to enhance or weaken the powers/abilities of others.

Seth- Can "cast" his vision into any bird within a certain radius of distance. The span grows as he gets older.

Trianna- has the special power of Omnipresence; the ability to be present anywhere and everywhere simultaneously. Meaning she can be in more then one place at the same time.

Kyou - is a Vampire, but has no real powers to speak of aside from the basic skills of flying, mind reading, etc. Instead, he has a "companion" named Juon that goes wherever he goes. Kyou is generally the only one who can see him, although Juon has been known to manifest for Hina at times. For anyone else, he only shows himself when he wants. Mostly, Juon is benign, quiet, but if he feels that Kyou or his family are in trouble, he will go full-on Shinigami without thinking about it.

Alpha -  has the ability to create physical duplicates of oneself.

Kiaralyn - has the ability to take control and inhabit the body of an individual but still be able to control herself at the same time.

Azrael - is a Reaper-in-Training, although he hates it and refuses to take part unless Kyo forces him to.

Tayla - is able to eject poisons/toxins from any part of her body. She favors her nails, mouth, and fangs. With such and unintimidating presence its much easier for her to move in close to her prey and injure them.

Tesla - is a pure Pegasus. In her natural form (which she won't become until her teenage years) she will be able to fly with a set of large, powerful wings. Her hooves, under the proper circumstances, will have the same affect as those of the original Pegasus; whereas she will be able to create natural springs of water by striking the ground.

Kristabel - has a simple power to turn into a pocket neko. She stands at 4 inches tall. She generally only changes if she's scared, upset or in big trouble and then she finds some where to hide in the dark. As a child, she begs her parents to buy or build a giant doll house, mini house, for her to live in when she's in her pocket neko form because it can sometimes take her awhile to will herself back to her normal sized form and once she changes back, she's always naked.Because she can turn into a pocket neko, she has the ability to purr when normal sized but she is just a pure blood vampire.

Misha - is a blood bender. She can not water bend. Just blood.

River - is one part shifter, due to Reita being a familiar, and one part Warlock, being the son of a Witch. He chooses NOT to use his magic openly, but is proficient in mostly potions and charms. His true talent is mostly earth based, being able to coax life back into dead or dying plants, and even bringing wild animals to his side with a few words.

Kristopher - shadow manipulator...can merge with, create, and manipulate shadows [think shikamaru...can even control bodies through shadows]

Ecco - is an Illusionist. He can make most anything he can imagine into a near perfect reality around himself. Otherwise, he's very much human. He does have Seer blood, as it runs in his family, but his ability for it has been squashed by the Illusionism.

Ramiel - Basic angelic powers in spell-work, healing & fighting

Cistine - Crystal Manipulation

Lucian - Flight, shapeshift, foresight, ability to see treasures, breathe of fire, etc

Takara - Mild seer abilities thanks to her fathers blood & Repulsion/Shield: Able to manipulate energy and light around her to defend herself or even to repel people or objects
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Children's Powers
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