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 Adults Powers

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PostSubject: Adults Powers   Mon May 24, 2010 12:56 am

Adults Powers

Kamijo: Can take any vampires power and make it his own. Thus he has many powers

Kyo: is a Reaper. Not THE Grim Reaper, but A Reaper. One of thousands in the world. His job is to keep an eye on the time of those that are near Death and escort them to the Ferry so that they may cross into the Other Side.

Tetsu: Psychometric Precognitive with Retrocognitive tendancies. Otherwise Human.  (See App for more details)

Saga: Has the ability to erase peoples memories. It rarely works on vampires but for them, he can suppress painful memories.

Kuina: He is, in a sense, like a ninja. He's able to hide in shadows without being noticed, can mask his presence so others don't know he's there until he's about to strike for the kill which he does with great precision to keep from messing up.

Ruka : Shapeshifts into a wolf

Yomi: can also go nearly a month without needing to feed on human blood.

Aki: has mastered the art of Glamor. For shortened periods of time, he can assume a new look, completely blending into any crowd.

Die: can also heal any wound or sickness just by touching someone the downside to that is that if he touches someone well, he makes them incurably sick. Also, it is limited. He has to feed twice as much as any normal vampire due to the fact it drains his energy faster when he heals people. The worse the injury is, the more power it takes and the faster it drains him. At maximum, he can heal 50 people in between feedings before it affects him.

Yuki.: can predict peoples movements when he's focused enough

Reno - He's an angel so he has healing powers as well as his magic but his magic takes a toll on his body so he can only do certain amounts.

Toshiya: Can manipulate Fire

Ryuto: has the ability to track anyone and anything as long as he has a picture of the object and the scent of a person or animal but since he has multiple sires, he has the ability to learn and copy other powers by watching other vampires.

Yasu: Angel Demon Runes

Kai: has the ability to heighten a single emotion in a person that is around; dominating the other emotions and causing the person to react accordingly.

Takanori: Being a half-breed (1/2 Angel, 1/2 Demon) he specializes in flight, a bit of both light and dark magics and is much MUCH stronger than he looks

Omi: the power to seduce and draw energy from her victims; some can die by her taking their energy

Shinya: once he's turned, Can transfer one person's pain from them to the one that caused them to suffer. The affect is limited, though

Hakuei: can turn into a Naga.

Yuu: Left eye turns a faint gold when he's around others of his kind, using his powers. He also posseses a rare ability. He can see into the future. When that power kicks in, his eye turns a glimmering red. Though this also occurs when he's aroused. As an incubus, he also possesses the power to seduce people and feed off their arousal.

Yukika: water manipulation - able to control all factors of any and all water including water inside the body

Sisen: Telekinesis; the ability to move things with his mind (Think of Star Wars and The Force Razz)

San: Can turn into a wolf [NOT A VAMPIRE]

Hiviki: can size shift; Ability to increase or decrease one's size. He can shrink down to just about any size but can only get about 30 feet tall.

Chika: is a Vengeance Demon :: They are immortals who travel the world exacting vengeance on behalf of victims, such as scorned men, women or neglected children. Some of them prefer to be called Justice Demons, which carries less stigma than 'vengeance'. Their typical method is to encourage a wronged person to vent spleen about those who have hurt them. The moment the object of the demon's attention expresses their preferred method of punishment in the form of a wish, the vengeance demon can cause his or her wish to come true, whether it requires gruesome dismemberment or even the creation of a new alternate universe.

Minase: can create and control fire, fly, has healing tears and regeneration. (NOT A VAMPIRE)

Cra: Cra is a pegacorn; a pegasus unicorn mix. She is a princess in charge of night in the Kikai no Umi area; helping the moon change every night and helping the stars glimmer brightly in the sky. She takes much pride in her work so when it's cloudy, she gets grumpy that her hard work is hidden.

Aki~ - Seer; Able to see past, present, and future, though power is fluctuating at best.

Yuuki - Matter Ingestion; can consume any sort of matter without it effecting himself

Hiroki - Incredible sense of sight, hearing, smell, very aware of his surroundings meaning he can tell if something isn't right, nature magic

Reita - is a Witch's Familiar His form is that of a Storm Crow. He has a small talent for magic and an extensive knowledge of herb lore. He also has the ability to change swiftly from one form to the other as needed.

Yoshiki - can change forms between human and jaguar at will. He also has a high tolerance for pain, and although he isn't easy to kill, he is NOT immortal. Just very, VERY long lived.

Tama - Herbal Magic

You - can "keep" moments. He can stop time to hold onto sensations or define memories more clearly ( or do so for someone else ) for up to a minute and a half.

Mao. - can transform into a Siberian Tiger (when he was first born he was a normal tiger cub, but since he's lived for so long, the color has slowly seeped out of his pigmentation therefore resulting in a white coat of fur with stripes)

Miyavi - other than the mind reading, teleporting, and flying. Miyavi can transform himself into just about anything or anyone. The only way to tell that he's different are by his tattoos because they never disappear unless in an animal form (they're underneath the fur).

Shinpei - Talks to animals

Nao. - body can become extremely slippery and stretch to any height/length

Mako - Specific demon powers include: Control over fire, lightening, thunderstorms/natural disasters, mind manipulation (for a short while 20 minutes tops) His tattoo of a tiger will come off and a black mist in the shape of a tiger with demon red eyes will hunt and kill a normal human for Mako to feed off their soul.

Miya - can fully communicate with birds back and forth. He can send them to listen to full conversations and have them repeat it back to him. And his power is not limited to just one bird.

Yukihiro - is a Werewolf. He crosses the minor forms when he chooses, but his larger form, the dangerous one, is full moon based.

Hiyuu - Kitsune have an innate ability to shape-shift from human to fox and can often change their human form to match anyone they want to look like. Hiyuu pretty much just uses the ability to change his hair style, length and color because he feels like the rest of him is just awesome the way it is.

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Adults Powers
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